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Accessing a job hidden behind the platform's Auth

Here are the general steps for launching a job and accessing it through the platform's Auth.

Generating a service account

Generate a service account via neuro service-account create --name <sa-name>. Make sure to store the Role and the Auth token - you will use them to authenticate your requests.


$ neuro service-account create --name test
Id service-account-b41aa732-4bb5-45e4-94c1-a078ca013255
Name test
Role janedoe/service-accounts/test
Owner janedoe
Default cluster default
Created at now
Full token with cluster and API url embedded (this value can be used as NEURO_PASSED_CONFIG environment variable):
Just auth token (this value can be passed to neuro config login-with-token):
Save it to some secure place, you will be unable to retrieve it later!
In this case, janedoe/service-accounts/test is the needed role and eyJhbGciOi<hidden>Np0 is the needed authentication token.

Starting the required job

Start the job you want to access later.


$ neuro run --http 8080 --name mytestjob python python -m http.server --cgi 8080

Share access to the job with the service account

Share access to the job with the service account role from step 1 by using the neuro acl grant job:<job-id-or-name> <role-name> read command.


$ neuro acl grant job:mytestjob janedoe/service-accounts/test read

Using the auth token

Use the token from step 1 to authenticate the request with header via the "cookie: dat=<token-here>;" command.


$ curl -H "cookie: dat=eyJhbGciOi<hidden>Np0"
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