Creating Node Pools

Node Pools in AWS, GCP, and Azure

As explained in the Creating a Cluster topic, when you're creating a new cluster in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, or Azure, the default node pool setup that will be used as a starting point for the new cluster is determined by the cluster configuration file created by running neuro admin generate-cluster-config
You can check the default node pool setup in the node_pools section of the cluster.yml file:
- id: n1_highmem_8
min_size: 1
max_size: 4
- id: n1_highmem_8_1x_nvidia_tesla_k80
min_size: 1
max_size: 4
- id: n1_highmem_8_1x_nvidia_tesla_v100
min_size: 0
max_size: 1
id: standard
capacity_tb: 4
Once the cluster is created and set up by our team, a more detailed information about your cluster's node pools can be viewed by running the neuro admin get-clusters command in Neuro CLI:
> neuro admin get-clusters
Status Deployed
Cloud azure
Region eastus
Zones 2
Node pools
Machine CPU Memory Preemptible GPU Min Max
Standard_D8_v3 7.0 28.0G × 1 10
Standard_NC6 5.0 50.0G × 1 x nvidia-tesla-k80 0 30
Standard_NC6 5.0 50.0G √ 1 x nvidia-tesla-k80 0 30
Standard_NC6s_v3 5.0 106.0G × 1 x nvidia-tesla-v100 0 10
Standard_NC6s_v3 5.0 106.0G √ 1 x nvidia-tesla-v100 0 10
Storage Premium tier Azure Files with LRS replication type and 3072 GiB file share size
If you need to change the your node pools, please contact our team at [email protected]

Node Pools in an On-premise Installation

If you prefer to create an on-premise cluster, node pools are set up in a more individualized way from the start.
Once the set of machines required for your cluster is agreed upon, all of these machines will be grouped by their operating characteristics. Machines with identical characteristics will be combined into node pools and then given labels based on what node pool they are a part of.
If a need to add a new machine to any of the existing node pools arises, this new machine will have to share the characteristics with other machines of the target node pool. It will also be labeled respectively to make sure it's readable and accessible as a part of this node pool.

Next Steps

Once the node pools are set up, you can start configuring your cluster's usable presets. This will help create an environment streamlined specifically for your development and deployment workflow.